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New content in my Fan Club

Added a few more pic sets, 6 to be more precise. I will post a few random pics from those sets, I can only post the clean ones lol, but be aware some sets are way too explicit, so its NSFW  😛 If you joined and have a request, shoot me a pm. At the […]

I’m back online + My Fan Club

Been a while since I posted here, but now I’m back ! You can find me online on and (naked+toys shows). I will be online in 30 minutes , come see me ! These hot pictures can also be found in my Lolitka Fan Club. There are a lot of naughty picture sets […]

Happened during a vip session

Feeling extra naughty tonight so I took a few pictures while I was on a hot vip session, brain blowing ( and other body organs/parts lol ) ! Both me and the guy had so much fun hehe, you can tell from the pictures, can’t you ?! You should come over at and […]

Pinky Lelo

Was browsing thru a sex toys site and I saw this cute pink Lelo vibrator ! Omg this is soooooo cute , I think it’s the cutest vibrator I ever seen ! So girly, so pink ! I think it’s a bit expensive thou but well, all the Lelo vibrators are not really cheap…all above […]

JesseJo sexy trooper

Tonight I’ve finished my camo clip that will be released soon at Well they will actually put it up tomorrow ! Can’t wait to have it up and also post it here for you guys to watch it. I took some pictures while making the video and I thought I should post them here […]

Naughty toys

Tonight was looking at a toy store and found some interesting toys that I would wanna try in my shows hehe. One of them it’s a rabbit vibrator , I never had one. Shame on me for not having a rabbit , I know, I know !!! The other two ones are Lelo vibrators, they […]

Watch my naughty tanning video

Hey guys, I need ya help to win a contest ! All I need from you is to watch my naughty tanning video at ….which is not hard to do. Here I’ll add a few screen shots of my naughty tanning video and a link where you can watch it. Click here to watch […]

Some pictures

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