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Camwithher creativity contest

Remember CamWithHer creativity contest ? The one which I submitted my tanning video ? Uhm, well it has been extended until the end of the month This means I still need a lot of views in order to win ! And I would really like to win ! 😛

Watch my naughty tanning video

Hey guys, I need ya help to win a contest ! All I need from you is to watch my naughty tanning video at ….which is not hard to do. Here I’ll add a few screen shots of my naughty tanning video and a link where you can watch it. Click here to watch […]

My profiles @ net

Some of my profiles on internet, in case you wanna stalk me lol : : Twitter : Myspace: Dailymotion : Just a short note…I posted these profiles so you guys can watch my videos , my pictures posted there etc. Will not chat with you there or give […]

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