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JesseJo Stripping out of tight Jeans

This is a small sample of the original video that I posted in my Lolitka Fan Club. Of course the original video contains nudity, x-rated hehe. This was posted on . You can join my Lolitka Fan Club for only 20 $/ month. If you like the song, it’s called In those Jeans Remix […]

A Casual Picture

Took this picture yesterday night when I went out to have dinner with Lexis then we went shopping for some food and hair products. We love to eat, haha , thanks God for the gym, otherwise we would look like 2 big balloons lol . Lexis is more fortunate than me coz she burns the […]

The naughty pictures

Ok, I mentioned there pictures in the previous post lol. Nothing extraordinary thou, just some tits and ass shots ! But I know ya’ll love tits and ass ! As much as I do ! 😉 Don’t forget to leave comments if you like it ! I will love you forever and ever and ever […]

Me and Lexis

Took a picture with my phone while I was out for a coffee with Lexis. The pic quality is crappy lol I need a new phone. And I was not wearing make up , yikes…all natural lol. Lexis is sooooo cute , luff her !! She is one of my best friends except my sis. […]

Good morning at 4 p.m.

Just woke up and I feel so dizzy , I slept over 12 hours , omg ! I’m such a sleep whore lol Now I wanna eat, will go cook some trout on the grill , with garlic and herbs. I’m sure it will be delicious, I love fish . Last night I watched the […]

Will be gone for the weekend

Guyssssss Im going fishing again, I thought to post a short note about it so you dont put my pic on the milk bottles Will miss ya lots , ugh, this is the bad part about leaving,I miss my pc, my forum, my guys….but hopefully im gonna catch a big fish and will make me […]

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