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Booties and stockings

Love this type of stockings, aren’t they hot ? And my booties from lion22, so hot ! You can find me online on and (naked+toys shows). Thank you lion22 for the sexy booties ! 

Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Freezing your toosh off?  Winter is here , it’s  holiday time, lots of presents , can’t wait ! Sitting beside a cozy fire with friends and a favorite drink . The holidays…. the smell of baked goods fresh from the kitchen. Cozy time!!! candles… sweaters…Hot chocolate….!! Cinnamon ! This is today’s picture of the day […]

The naughty pictures

Ok, I mentioned there pictures in the previous post lol. Nothing extraordinary thou, just some tits and ass shots ! But I know ya’ll love tits and ass ! As much as I do ! 😉 Don’t forget to leave comments if you like it ! I will love you forever and ever and ever […]

My shoes collection (part 1)

The other day I was watching a girl’s shoes collection on YouTube and I thought I should show you my shoes too. They are so many, yet so little lol . I have over 60 pairs of pumps, heels and high heels, but I still want and need more ! They are like my drug […]

JesseJo topless – plane gallery

Took these pictures last summer but I never really posted them.I never liked how the cap put so many shadows on my face, lol. I was browsing thru my pc and I found them….I thought they’re not that bad hehe . But I’ll try to do new pictures on that plane, as soon as the […]

Pvc corset mini gallery

Few days ago I was making a video for a zip set with this new black pvc corset so I thought I’d take a few pictures and post them here. The zip will be up soon, but will consist in just a topless video this time, no pictures hehe.

Picture of the Day

PVC corsets , you gotta love them !!! Will post some more pictures of this set tomorrow , right now enjoy the picture of the day 😉 !

JesseJo Gets Dirty in Camo

No amount of camo could ever hide JesseJo’s sexy body! Now drop and give her twenty!

November member chat

Today , at 4:30 pm I’ll have a member chat at , for 30 minutes. I didn’t think of a theme yet but I’m gonna change into a few different outfits, one of them will be schoolgirl, another one will be fishnet dress and I didnt make my mind yet about the other ones. […]

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