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Booties and stockings

Love this type of stockings, aren’t they hot ? And my booties from lion22, so hot ! You can find me online on and (naked+toys shows). Thank you lion22 for the sexy booties ! 

Picture of the Day

Been taking a break , don’t freak out, I didn’t run off with a nice handsome , rich, sexy guy ! lol I’m still here, I just needed some time for myself, I went to watch some movies , saw “2012” and “Saw VI” , had lunch with Lexis, been shopping . Yesterday I stayed […]

Pvc corset mini gallery

Few days ago I was making a video for a zip set with this new black pvc corset so I thought I’d take a few pictures and post them here. The zip will be up soon, but will consist in just a topless video this time, no pictures hehe.

Me and Lexis

Took a picture with my phone while I was out for a coffee with Lexis. The pic quality is crappy lol I need a new phone. And I was not wearing make up , yikes…all natural lol. Lexis is sooooo cute , luff her !! She is one of my best friends except my sis. […]

Picture of the Day

Today’s POD consists in BEWBZ !!!

New zip package

Tonight I just finished my latest zip package , yay !! Im so happy that my cold is gone and I can start making videos and zips. I sent the package to CamWithHer, now it just has to be approved. Tomorrow should be posted on SNRZIPS , cant wait ! Will also add it here […]

The Jessewitch Project

So today I finally made my Halloween video. I was a bad witch without a broom lol but instead I had pasties yay !!! FTW pasties ! They gave me a hard time coz they kept falling, haha ! But I think I got a pretty cute video that you’re gonna see after 24th Oct […]

Good morning at 4 p.m.

Just woke up and I feel so dizzy , I slept over 12 hours , omg ! I’m such a sleep whore lol Now I wanna eat, will go cook some trout on the grill , with garlic and herbs. I’m sure it will be delicious, I love fish . Last night I watched the […]

Sexy boots and pvc shorts

Do you like my sexy pvc pictures ? I love pvc and boots and black outfits . You should come chat with me at and make me wear something sexy for you 😉

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