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My first official Fan Club

I’m happy to announce you that now I have my first official Fan Club at Actually I have 2 fan clubs, one for my nude account – Lolitka – and one for my non nude account – JesseJo . We’ve been waiting for this amazing feature for quite some time and now it’s finally […]

Miss FreeOnes

Have you guys heard about the Miss FreeOnes 2010 contest ? Support your favorite adult star or model by voting for them in the Miss FreeOnes 2010 contest! By showing your support, MyFreeOnes members who leave their username when they vote will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win 3 days and […]

My shoes collection (part 1)

The other day I was watching a girl’s shoes collection on YouTube and I thought I should show you my shoes too. They are so many, yet so little lol . I have over 60 pairs of pumps, heels and high heels, but I still want and need more ! They are like my drug […]

JesseJo Gets Dirty in Camo

No amount of camo could ever hide JesseJo’s sexy body! Now drop and give her twenty!

New zip package

Tonight I just finished my latest zip package , yay !! Im so happy that my cold is gone and I can start making videos and zips. I sent the package to CamWithHer, now it just has to be approved. Tomorrow should be posted on SNRZIPS , cant wait ! Will also add it here […]

Autumn sale ! Cheaper Zips !

Just wanted to let you guys know that all my zip sets are on sale !! AUTUMN SALE ! Yayy !! 19.99 $ and 29.99 $ the one with toys . JesseJo’s Zip Sets

Hot girlfriend coming over

Yay so its official, one of my hot girlfriends is coming over and we will do an mchat together ! Cant wait for you guys to meet her, she is a foxy hehehe So make sure you dont miss my mchat , remember, Wednesday, October 14th: JesseJo 4:30pm Only at CAMWITHHER.COM

Will be gone for the weekend

Guyssssss Im going fishing again, I thought to post a short note about it so you dont put my pic on the milk bottles Will miss ya lots , ugh, this is the bad part about leaving,I miss my pc, my forum, my guys….but hopefully im gonna catch a big fish and will make me […]

Hello people !

I’m JesseJo from  Been a model there since February and I must say that I love it. This is my new blog/site whatever. I’m so excited about it , can’t wait to get started and make a lot of posts ! Also make sure you check out my free site for free pictures […]

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