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Long time no see

Hey there guys, how’s everybody ? Been a while , huh 😀 I’m online now if you want to stop by and say hello. I’ll try to be online more often in the future, I really miss it. Here is a picture, just in case you forgot me 😀

Free CamWithHer Picture Galleries

Hey guys, I’ve been slacking lately, hope to be back to posting soon ! In the meanwhile take a look at the latest free CamWithHer picture galleries , hope you like them !! CamWithHer Femme full naked CamWithHer Veronica sucking her toy MikaDelice hot in front of the fireplace MikaDelice CamWithHer has a naughty present […]

Boobies of the day

A few boobies pictures for today, since I screwed up thinking its Thursday in my previous post ( yeah i know i need a vaca) I thought I’d post some boobies to make it up to you guys 😀 Oh and please vote for me in the Miss FreeOnes contest by clicking here . You […]

Happy #ThongThursday, ya’ll !

Hey there, here is my contribution to #ThongThursday ! Two sexy pics with my lioness freshly waxed (ouch) ! The pain sucks but the result is worth it lol …dont you think so  ? 😛 I didnt post the before pictures, don’t wanna gross you out hahaha ! Well I’m kidding, I wasn’t that hairy…but […]

New picture gallery at CamWithHer

I don’t know if you guys had the chance to check this out, I haven’t made a post about it yet….well I haven;t made a post about anything lately, been too busy ! But here is my latest picture gallery at CamWithHer , click on the picture to see the whole gallery !

Little yellow dress

Hai guys !! Pics for you 😉 I’m online doing shows now, creepy shows for Halloween haha ! Check out the LIVE CAMS section of the page to join my free chat or find me at CamWithHer and NudeAdultCams ! Happy Halloween everyone ! [nggallery id=yellow]

CamWithHer Member Chat teasers

Check out these two hot member chat teasers from The hot CamWithHer models in the videos below are Layla Lynn and Gina Lee. Join CamWithHer to watch the full archives and get some extra naughty bating material 😛

Shopping for heels

As I promised you earlier, here I come with pics of my sexy new heels hehe.  I must confess that I’m totally in love with them, OMG, can’t wait to take some pics wearing those. You guys might now that I have a sexy shoes/heels addiction which kinda sucks coz I buy so many shoes, […]

Update on my PC issues

As I told you in my previous post, yesterday I was dealing with major pc issues, crappy situation. After I posted the things got worse , my WD My Book Essential was making my pc freeze big time so I decided to do a firmware update hoping that it will fix the issue. Bad idea […]

Major PC issues – HELP

Hey guys, I’m having major pc issues that make me wanna kill myself lol. So anyway last week I took my pc to this guy  to add 2 GB of RAM, I wanted my RAM increased. I had 2 chips x 1GB DDR2 667Mhz from Kingmax. He removed 1 memory chip and added 2GB from […]

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