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Happy #ThongThursday, ya’ll !

Hey there, here is my contribution to #ThongThursday ! Two sexy pics with my lioness freshly waxed (ouch) ! The pain sucks but the result is worth it lol …dont you think so  ? 😛 I didnt post the before pictures, don’t wanna gross you out hahaha ! Well I’m kidding, I wasn’t that hairy…but […]

Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts

This video is so funny and hot hehe , interesting way of learning how to do abdominal thrusts also known as the Heimlich Maneuver, isn’t it ? That guy is so yummmmyyy, I wish he could perform on me lol….perform what ? Uhm….whatever he can haha . 😀

How I learned to perform CPR – Super sexy CPR

So Micah was saying that he doesnt trust my CPR skills so I wanted to show him where I learned CPR from :D:D:D I swear I’ll follow all the steps precisely, especially if the victim is as hot as the babe in the video ! I can’t wait to begin the compressions haha !

The Last Exorcism – BEST OF Chatroulette reactions

I was reading James’s blog and I saw this awesome funny video, almost made me piss my panties laughing ! (Just kidding, I wasn’t wearing any :D) Watch all these guys, looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil.

Wanna butter my muffin ?

I made these muffins for you guys, freshly baked, just got them out of the oven ! Now I could use some cream……anyone around to help me with these ? 

Topless Christmas video

*** I just added a new video in my NAC Fan Club – Lolitka Fan Club. It’s the topless version of my Secret Santa submission , dedicated to George3000. You can watch the full video by joining my Lolitka Fan Club. Joining fee it’s only 20 $ /month so get it while it’s cheap and […]

Pinky Lelo

Was browsing thru a sex toys site and I saw this cute pink Lelo vibrator ! Omg this is soooooo cute , I think it’s the cutest vibrator I ever seen ! So girly, so pink ! I think it’s a bit expensive thou but well, all the Lelo vibrators are not really cheap…all above […]

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Well I don’t think many of you know about my shoes addiction . That’s right, I’m a shoes addict. The weird thing about this, is that I don’t like handbags lol Shoes addiction usually comes along with a handbag addiction, but I don’t really like hand bags, I rarely wear them . Anyway, I got […]

The Voca People

The Voca people are friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun… where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. The Voca people believe that life is music and music is life…They visit planet Earth and they have a lot to sing about. The Voca People is a new international vocal […]

Be the lucky winner

All right , so I got an idea…..I’m organizing a  contest, all you need to do is to create an account on my site and comment on my posts. From all you that you decided to join my free site I’ll choose 1 person and who is gonna win a personalized fan sign video, 3 […]

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