Update on my PC issues

As I told you in my previous post, yesterday I was dealing with major pc issues, crappy situation. After I posted the things got worse , my WD My Book Essential was making my pc freeze big time so I decided to do a firmware update hoping that it will fix the issue. Bad idea lol ….piece of advice….Never, but NEVER do a firmware update on your WD external hdd. The firmware failed during the update and I got myself a piece of un-recognizable by XP shit lol. Useless to mention that all but I mean ALL my data was in that HDD , I thought I’d move it there while I’m fixing/upgrading my pc lol.

So I started crying like a baby thinking how stupid I was and how I lost all my family photos of 7 year or more :( I got Mikah to help me but we didnt do much, then I hit WareWolf ( John) up and asked him to help me or I’d go nuts.

We troubleshooted and tried 1000000 fixes with no result, then after a few hours we gave up trying to fix the hdd but planning to get a hdd enclosure and try to recover all my data from it.

While we were chatting and trying to stay positive ( John did his best to cheer me up hehe ) I kept reading on internet on hpw to restore the HDD and how to make XP recognize it again ( this was my issue ) guess what happened ………. I freakin’ found a fix….

I think I better post it here in case someone else has this problem, maybe it helps a desperate soul hehe.  So I performed a second firmware update on my laptop with an unknown device and it finished successfully ! Then I unplugged the HDD usb and the power cable, let it rest for 20 seconds and then I plugged them back into the laptop and the found new hardware device message popped up recognizing the HDD drivers.

Then I just plugged it into my PC and it worked, omg !! I was so happppppyyyy, I wanted to scream and jump ! Well I did , but shhhhh ! 😀

So yeah , today I took the pc to my IT guy and he updated my BIOS and put 4 chips of single sided DDR2 1GB 800 MHz memory….hope they will work out ok and not cause instability to my pc, actually there is a warning in the mobo’s user manual, but we will see…..

All seems to be running smoothly now, pc is pretty fast , don’t wanna jinx it lol.

Now I’m backing up my back up ( data on my HDD ) on DVD’s like John advised me. Oh btw, thank you so much John for always helping me and for being so patient with me, luffs ya !!! I owe you big time <33333

Long post huh ? Hope not very boring lol. Just one last thing…….I’m actually thinking of upgrading my PC with an I-5 processor , a P55A-UD3 mobo and SP-ATX-550WTN power source…..Please give ANY input that you can !!

Gonna come back later and tell you abt the sexy heels I just bought today…..after all this stress, I thought I deserve to spoil myself with 2 sexy pairs or heels, a sweater and a pearl necklace lol.

Comment, don’t be shy !!!!!

And here is a pic of my booooooobiezzzz to make it up for the long and boring post about my boring life lol…click on the picture to see it full size ;)…you don’t wanna miss out on the details lol.

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5 Responses to “Update on my PC issues”

  1. Bombik says:

    Hey. I’m very glad you got it to work again. I was actually worried about the whole issue last night and was thinking about it while I on my way to school. I was trying to think other methods on how to fix it. Though, I am kinda unhappy with myself that I was not of any help to any of your technical problems. I would of thought I could assist in some of the issues you were having, especially since I am going into this kind of career.

    At any rate, I’m glad you were able to fix your HDD. And hopefully the RAM upgrade will be successful as well.

  2. JesseJo says:

    Hehe, well at least I had ur support while I was freaking out. Don’t worry you will get better at it in time, gaining experience and such.
    RAM upgrade seems ok so far, pc looks stable and pretty fast but I’m afraid I’ll jinx it lol. I really really hope it will be ok, I’m fed up of pc issues…this whole week was a nightmare :(
    How was school ??? <3333

  3. Bombik says:

    It was okay. was in my security+ class so it was all good. How was your shopping day with your boat-loads of shoes and heels? D:

  4. JesseJo says:

    Haha I was like a child in a candy shop !!!!!!! I barely held myself back from buying more than 2 pairs of shoes lololol.
    Do you like them ? ……I know that ure a guy lol but still…….

  5. Bombik says:

    They are pretty (what’s the word you shoe people use)….adorable. I wonder what outfit you would wear with them. Well you probably have like 2 million choices. I’m sure half of them would go with each pair of shoes. D:

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