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Yay , I think I’m finally done changing my blog theme. Hope you guys like it and if you see any errors, puhleaseee let me know so I can fix them.

There are a couple of things that didnt come out the way I wanted them to, html and css gave me a lot of headaches today so for the moment or until I find a solution, I’m gonna leave them as they are.

I chose this wp theme because was pretty elegant and simple or so I thought lol. I got bored of all that blue and pink (previous theme) . I’m still searching for someone who can design me a nice custom theme for an affordable price. If any sugar daddy wants to pay it for me go ahead lol.

I’ve been taking a break from pc lately, I’m sure many of you have noticed. It was supposed to be a small break, then laziness captured me so it became a very very long break which I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed !

For the next two weeks I’m gonna have visitors, my good friends from Greece are coming over to spend some time with me, but once they are gone I’m gonna be back to camming and making content, zips, updating my fan club and what not ! I must say I miss it terribly !!!!!!  And missed all of ya terribly !!!

So yeah, I’m done for today , please let me know what you think ! Talk to you soon !! <3

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