Major PC issues – HELP

Hey guys, I’m having major pc issues that make me wanna kill myself lol.

So anyway last week I took my pc to this guy  to add 2 GB of RAM, I wanted my RAM increased. I had 2 chips x 1GB DDR2 667Mhz from Kingmax.
He removed 1 memory chip and added 2GB from Kingmax DDR2-800 and kept my other 1GB from Kingston DDR2-667 mhz.
He turned on the pc, all looked fine so i left home. I surfed the cwh forums, did some work on my pc, watched a movie and after a few hours, all of the sudden I got BSOD .

I kept restarting and I kept getting the blue screen on and on.
So the next day I went with the pc to this guy again and he said maybe the RAMs were not compatible so he replaced the kingston 1gb with a kingmax 1 gb on 800 mhz this time, so basically the RAMs were on the same frequency now just different capacity – 1 GB + 2GB. He ran a memory test and it said its ok, no errors, bla bla.
But he said I have to reinstall windows coz the system has been compromised by those errors.

I tried to re-install windows and it didn’t let me. Then I did some research of my own on internet and asked WareWolf to help me and it turned out that my motherboard GA-P31-DS3L couldnt handle more than 1 GB in a slot. So , at WareWolf’s advice I took out the 2GB chip and then it let me install a fresh copy of Windows.

Then next day I went to the tech guy again and he gave me another 1GB chip and I put it in my pc.

So everything seemed ok, I had 2GB of RAM still, but bigger frequency now (800Mhz) and I was glad that the problems were over at least. Not to mention that I had to install so many programs and redo all my settings bla bla.

But then my PC started freezing a lot lately, it wont even let me access the Windows Task Manager, becomes totally unresponsive at times. Opening explorer windows is so slow now, but not all the time.

There is this yellow triangle that sometimes appears in my task bar and when I put the mouse on it, no message pops up and when I click on it , it just goes away.

Also when I turn on my pc, it takes so long to load windows and also takes longer when I shut it down even thou I only have a few programs in the start up.

Tomorrow I’m going back with it so the guy can take a look at it and add 2 more chips of 1GB each, hopefully that won’t make my Windows crash again or I’m gonna definitely shoot myself. I did a system scan on and it says I can add 2 more chips of 1 GB each just like a couple of friends said too, but the mobo user manual says “Because of chipset limitations, do not populate both DIMM sockets of the same channel
(e.g. DDRII1 and DDRII2) with double-sided memory modules to prevent system’s failure to
start or incorrect detection of memory module

Now what should I do ???? I don’t wanna fuck up my pc again and have to re-install windows again :(

So , yeah, this frustrates the hell out of me….does anyone have any idea of wtf is going on with my retarded pc ?

Here are some specs : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz , FSB 1333Mhz  , OS Windows XP professional SP3 , 2GB RAM DDR2 800 mhz, mobo is a GA-P31-DS3L , if you need more, just let me know and I’ll tell you.

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