November member chat

Today , at 4:30 pm I’ll have a member chat at , for 30 minutes. I didn’t think of a theme yet but I’m gonna change into a few different outfits, one of them will be schoolgirl, another one will be fishnet dress and I didnt make my mind yet about the other ones.

So I am waiting for you there to watch me and support me hehe , remember member chats at are free for users who have bought CamWithHer membership. If you haven’t done that yet, you dont know what you’re missing out.

Click here to join and get access to lots and lots of exclusive content , member chats, archives, discounts in pchats and so much more.

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4 Responses to “November member chat”

  1. Demonic says:

    Wish i could be there! Your chats are always a laugh and super sexy girl make sure you have fun! 😉

  2. jessejo says:

    Why wont you be there ? Where will you be then ? lol
    And I was planning to wear boots for you….hm….oh well…. 😛

  3. Demonic says:

    im not a member anymoree, lol i had one given to me ages ago so i could get stuff to make things for the girls but it ran outt lol

    and aww tease! haha

  4. jessejo says:

    Ohhhh I und, I thought you were busy or something :) Kisssss !!!

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