Naughty toys

Tonight was looking at a toy store and found some interesting toys that I would wanna try in my shows hehe. One of them it’s a rabbit vibrator , I never had one. :( Shame on me for not having a rabbit , I know, I know !!!
The other two ones are Lelo vibrators, they are so cute… I’d really love to try one.

I really like toys a lot, especially dildos/vibrators. I prefer the jelly ones or the glass one…I guess you can imagine why hehe .I use toys in each of my shows and I think it’s time to renew my toys collection. Maybe some sugar daddy wants to help me out with that by buying me an Amazon Gift Certificate and sending it to and don’t forget to mention my name in the subject.

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6 Responses to “Naughty toys”

  1. Demonic says:

    mmm naughty 😉 never had a rabbit!? :( lol x

  2. jessejo says:

    Noooo , can you believe it ? JesseJo with no naughty rabbit ? lol I’m gonna have to fix that heheheeh

  3. Demonic says:

    you gotta give us an update on how good they are if you do get it! lol x

  4. jessejo says:

    Hhaha yeah I’m gonna make a video review ! lol

  5. Demonic says:

    Haha that’d be awesome lol

  6. jessejo says:

    Haha “reviewing” all 3 of them at the same time ! Can you say nasty, lol

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