My first official Fan Club

I’m happy to announce you that now I have my first official Fan Club at Actually I have 2 fan clubs, one for my nude account – Lolitka – and one for my non nude account – JesseJo .
We’ve been waiting for this amazing feature for quite some time and now it’s finally here ! Everyone is so excited, especially me ! If you know me, you also know that I love making lots of content, pictures, videos and hot stuff ! This is why the Fan Club feature is gonna make me so happy !

I hope you guys love it as much as I do !

It’s all so new, I should have made content before they launched the FC feature, but I was so lazy and so busy lately, When I wasn’t lazy , I was busy and so on lol.

So, as I was saying, everything is new and I need a bit of time to get everything going, but I will work hard and stuff my fan club with a lot of content. This is basically like having your own site , hehe , so exciting !

I will try to update this as soon as I can, at least twice a week. Hope you won’t be disappointed !

Also if you have video or pictures requests/ideas, I’ll do my best to make them happen, If you want me to make videos wearing a certain outfit, you can send me a gift card to a site where I can buy that outfit and then I will make a special video for you.

For now my join fee will be set to 20 $ /month, maybe ( I said maybe ), later on when I’ll add a lot more content in my FC I’ll make it 30 $, not sure yet .

If you wanna know the difference between my¬† and the JesseJo Fan Club, it’s really easy. They both have the same join fee ( $ 20 ) but Lolitka Fan Club will have nude/naked/toys content while JesseJo Fan Club is non nude/tease/ topless style content. I can’t tell you which one to join, it’s up to you, if you’re the softcore/tease type of guy, then go for JesseJo Fan Club, if you like to see toys/nudity/penetration, then you should join Lolitka Fan Club. As I said, it’s up to you.

Each time I will post a new photo set/video in one of my fan clubs, I’ll make a post about it here and maybe even show you a sample of it, so keep an eye on my blog too.

So let’s rock it hehe !

Click here to chat with me live and watch me getting naked for you !

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