My Christmas Tree

My Christmas little tree is ready , well it’s not really little hehe . It’s looking soooo cute, with all those lights and my favorite red Christmas balls , my golden pine cones, my red bows , my golden stars and everything else.

As you can easily see my color theme is gold and red. Last year I had a white Christmas tree so I bought all my Christmas decorations in red and gold. To be honest I was a bit afraid they wont look pretty on a green Christmas tree this year, but I was wrong. They look amazing, wayyyy better than what you can see in the pictures.

Will make sexy pictures next to my sexy Christmas tree soon ! Can’t wait hehe !



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2 Responses to “My Christmas Tree”

  1. Demonic says:

    Looks beautiful hun :) x

  2. jessejo says:

    Thank you Demy, now show me yours !! Your xmas tree I mean ! 😛

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