My Birthday

Today is my birthday, yeyyy !! But I had such a boring birthday lol . Last night I was telling you on Twitter that I was baking a yummy chocolate cake. It was delicious, I love chocolate cake, even thou it does harm my diet lol. But I can be excused this time, it was my birthday , what the hell ! lol

Not everyone remembered about today thou, my sister didn’t even call me to wish happy bday to me. I felt so sad ! But blah, it’s just a day like any other day I guess ! No reason for joy, I’m getting older, ugh, who wants to be old ?!?! Not me for sure ! I wish I was 17 again, oh, those times !!! All I was doing back then was getting pretty . looking in the mirror , going out, dating, partying ! It’s not much different than what I’m doing now lol, but anyway , you feel different once you’re getting older !

I wish I could say I received lots of gifts but that didn’t happen either lol . But I bought myself some nice bday presents, some hot leather pants, a nice fur coat, nice boots , perfume and so on. I could say that I spoiled myself a bit hehe. Mom was so cute, she didn’t know what to get me so she gave me moolah lol. She was like ” Here, have some moolah for your bday” , haha.

I went to my aunt to give her some of my bday chocolate cake. She was so surprised, she asked if it’s for her, and I was like yeah wtf, of course it’s for you once I’m standing at your door with the cake in my hand lol. And she was still surprised then she said thank you. She forgot about my birthday, then once she was putting the cake on her table, she screamed ” Oh nooooooooooooooo, todayyyy it’s your birthdaaaaaaaaay ! ” . Damn, she is getting old and senile lol. I was like ” Oh ok, good morning sunshine, you finally woke up, forgot your intelligence pills today?!?! ” hehe. She is really cute and funny , very nice to hang out with. Actually all my family is like that , my aunts and my uncle . They don’t act & behave like older ppl, you could swear they are in their twenties ! We always have so much fun together and make dirty jokes and everything . Yes, yes I love dirty jokes, I’m a dirty girl lol. I mean wtf, if I convinced my uncle to make porn sites lol.

I think this is the longest blog post that I’ve ever made lol. And maybe the most boring haha , usually I like to keep it short and pretty much to the point.

So, enough with this, don’t wanna bore you guys anymore ! Will post some pics later with my cake if I manage to transfer them from my phone to my pc. Will blog more later !!!

Happy birthday to me haha ! Silly birthday girl . 😛

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One Response to “My Birthday”

  1. Demonic says:

    Hope ur day was awesome JJ! :) and have an awesome christmas too! my bday is on the 4th of jan so wooo :) lol

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