Me and Lexis

Took a picture with my phone while I was out for a coffee with Lexis.
The pic quality is crappy lol I need a new phone. And I was not wearing make up , yikes…all natural lol.
Lexis is sooooo cute , luff her !! She is one of my best friends except my sis. She will come join me for a hot topless zip set, hehe, keep an eye on the Buy Zips section , will be adding a couple of new sets soon.


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4 Responses to “Me and Lexis”

  1. Demonic says:

    You look great with and without make up JJ! and yeah she looks cute too :)

  2. jessejo says:

    Thank you Demy ! I love to hang out with her, tomorrow we will go to the hair salon 😛 hehe

  3. Demonic says:

    more pix then! haha x :)

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