Leopard print babydoll

Tonight I’m so bored , not in a bad mood but not in a good mood either lol

Woke up around 10 pm lol, I ve changed my schedule so I can be online at night , this means I’m sleeping by day now haha ! My schedule has always been so hectic !

I still need to get a hold of my sister so she can fix my eyebrows, they never looked so bad ugh ! And I need to go out to buy a new belly piercing coz I lost the head of my old one :( . The other day when I was at the gym I broke my work-out pants haha , my panties where showing , what a sight ! So I need new work out pants too, gonna get Nike this time, Adidas let me down, only wore them like 10 times  :(

I worked real hard at the gym , I got a personal trainer and he worked my ass out ! Sort of speaking hehe . Then I went in the sauna, I must say that I love it in the sauna, it’s so relaxing especially after the work out. Makes me sleepy thou hehe. I got to go back to the gym in the afternoon , ugh and my whole body hurts still. I need a massage, longggggggg nice massage with aroma therapy oil . Any volunteers ? 😛

I need someone to cheer me up and I need it fast ! Gonna get myself a nice warm tea and relax a bit watching tv.

Forgot to mention that I’m online doing shows at Camwithher.com and ICGirls.com at night time , from around 10 pm until 6 am maybe.  So come chat with me , keep me company and lets have some naughty fun !

This is what I’m wearing tonight :)

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2 Responses to “Leopard print babydoll”

  1. ashley dunningham says:

    u r probably the most sexiest woman i have ever seen in my life!!!!! xxxxx

  2. jessejo says:

    Thanks hun, I’m flattered ! xoxox

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