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JesseJo's thanksgiving interview

Question: What are you thankful for? Answer: This Thanksgiving I give thanks to my family, my friends and to Family makes all the difference , my friends even thou they are a few, but they have always been close to me and there when I needed them. Finding was one of the happiest […]

Happy Thanksgiving !

Today is one of the biggest days of the year in America as everyone celebrates Thanksgiving Day. This is the day for all of us to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. I’ll be spending the day with my family as we spend all day cooking a turkey dinner and baking […]

Happened during a vip session

Feeling extra naughty tonight so I took a few pictures while I was on a hot vip session, brain blowing ( and other body organs/parts lol ) ! Both me and the guy had so much fun hehe, you can tell from the pictures, can’t you ?! You should come over at and […]

21 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone

Today I realized that I’m bored with my old phone so I want to buy a new phone and I’d like a touch screen one. Was thinking smthg between Apple IPhone, Samsung Mythic SGH-A897, Samsung Omnia II, LG KE 850 and Nokia 5800. I decided to exclude Samsung and Lg because I always heard bad […]

Leather top gallery

Yes , I know I’ve been slacking lately, but omg , I’m so busy with little things and errands, and camming at night ! Will try to post more often, I hate it when I slack ! So anyone missed me ? hehe Who likes leather ? Hehe !! Took some pics a couple a […]

Picture of the Day

Been taking a break , don’t freak out, I didn’t run off with a nice handsome , rich, sexy guy ! lol I’m still here, I just needed some time for myself, I went to watch some movies , saw “2012” and “Saw VI” , had lunch with Lexis, been shopping . Yesterday I stayed […]

Leopard print babydoll

Tonight I’m so bored , not in a bad mood but not in a good mood either lol Woke up around 10 pm lol, I ve changed my schedule so I can be online at night , this means I’m sleeping by day now haha ! My schedule has always been so hectic ! I […]

Picture of the Day

The only thing that I like about winter (yikes) it’s the Christmas ! I can’t wait for Santa to come and bring me lots of naughty gifts yeyy !!! Can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree , only 2 weeks left until this hehe . I know it’s more than 1 month left until Christmas, […]

Ass Gallery

Do you like bootayyyyy ? I bet you do , because I like it toooo !! So how about a booty gallery, ya’ll booty luvers  ? My booty of course hehe

Pinky Lelo

Was browsing thru a sex toys site and I saw this cute pink Lelo vibrator ! Omg this is soooooo cute , I think it’s the cutest vibrator I ever seen ! So girly, so pink ! I think it’s a bit expensive thou but well, all the Lelo vibrators are not really cheap…all above […]

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