Long time no see

Hey there guys, how’s everybody ? Been a while , huh 😀
I’m online now if you want to stop by and say hello. I’ll try to be online more often in the future, I really miss it. Here is a picture, just in case you forgot me 😀

JesseJo in pinky pink fishnets

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Hey guys, I’ve been slacking lately, hope to be back to posting soon !

In the meanwhile take a look at the latest free CamWithHer picture galleries , hope you like them !!

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Boobies of the day

A few boobies pictures for today, since I screwed up thinking its Thursday in my previous post ( yeah i know i need a vaca) I thought I’d post some boobies to make it up to you guys 😀

Oh and please vote for me in the Miss FreeOnes contest by clicking here . You can vote every day, and in many categories 🙂 Thank you.

Happy #ThongThursday, ya’ll !

Hey there, here is my contribution to #ThongThursday ! Two sexy pics with my lioness freshly waxed (ouch) ! The pain sucks but the result is worth it lol …dont you think so  ? 😛

I didnt post the before pictures, don’t wanna gross you out hahaha ! Well I’m kidding, I wasn’t that hairy…but still……. 😛

New picture gallery at CamWithHer

I don’t know if you guys had the chance to check this out, I haven’t made a post about it yet….well I haven;t made a post about anything lately, been too busy !

But here is my latest picture gallery at CamWithHer , click on the picture to see the whole gallery !

Little yellow dress

Hai guys !! Pics for you 😉

I’m online doing shows now, creepy shows for Halloween haha ! Check out the LIVE CAMS section of the page to join my free chat or find me at CamWithHer and NudeAdultCams !

Happy Halloween everyone !

[nggallery id=yellow]

CamWithHer Member Chat teasers

Check out these two hot member chat teasers from Camwithher.com. The hot CamWithHer models in the videos below are Layla Lynn and Gina Lee.
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Shopping for heels

As I promised you earlier, here I come with pics of my sexy new heels hehe.  I must confess that I’m totally in love with them, OMG, can’t wait to take some pics wearing those.

You guys might now that I have a sexy shoes/heels addiction which kinda sucks coz I buy so many shoes, I have soooooo many of them lol. But they make me happy hehe even if some might consider this a form of superficiality.

Damn, I forgot to take pics of my peep toe boots that I bought last week…I’ll take some pics with all of them soon 🙂 Until them let me know if you like these.

Update on my PC issues

As I told you in my previous post, yesterday I was dealing with major pc issues, crappy situation. After I posted the things got worse , my WD My Book Essential was making my pc freeze big time so I decided to do a firmware update hoping that it will fix the issue. Bad idea lol ….piece of advice….Never, but NEVER do a firmware update on your WD external hdd. The firmware failed during the update and I got myself a piece of un-recognizable by XP shit lol. Useless to mention that all but I mean ALL my data was in that HDD , I thought I’d move it there while I’m fixing/upgrading my pc lol.

So I started crying like a baby thinking how stupid I was and how I lost all my family photos of 7 year or more 🙁 I got Mikah to help me but we didnt do much, then I hit WareWolf ( John) up and asked him to help me or I’d go nuts.

We troubleshooted and tried 1000000 fixes with no result, then after a few hours we gave up trying to fix the hdd but planning to get a hdd enclosure and try to recover all my data from it.

While we were chatting and trying to stay positive ( John did his best to cheer me up hehe ) I kept reading on internet on hpw to restore the HDD and how to make XP recognize it again ( this was my issue ) guess what happened ………. I freakin’ found a fix….

I think I better post it here in case someone else has this problem, maybe it helps a desperate soul hehe.  So I performed a second firmware update on my laptop with an unknown device and it finished successfully ! Then I unplugged the HDD usb and the power cable, let it rest for 20 seconds and then I plugged them back into the laptop and the found new hardware device message popped up recognizing the HDD drivers.

Then I just plugged it into my PC and it worked, omg !! I was so happppppyyyy, I wanted to scream and jump ! Well I did , but shhhhh ! 😀

So yeah , today I took the pc to my IT guy and he updated my BIOS and put 4 chips of single sided DDR2 1GB 800 MHz memory….hope they will work out ok and not cause instability to my pc, actually there is a warning in the mobo’s user manual, but we will see…..

All seems to be running smoothly now, pc is pretty fast , don’t wanna jinx it lol.

Now I’m backing up my back up ( data on my HDD ) on DVD’s like John advised me. Oh btw, thank you so much John for always helping me and for being so patient with me, luffs ya !!! I owe you big time <33333

Long post huh ? Hope not very boring lol. Just one last thing…….I’m actually thinking of upgrading my PC with an I-5 processor , a P55A-UD3 mobo and SP-ATX-550WTN power source…..Please give ANY input that you can !!

Gonna come back later and tell you abt the sexy heels I just bought today…..after all this stress, I thought I deserve to spoil myself with 2 sexy pairs or heels, a sweater and a pearl necklace lol.

Comment, don’t be shy !!!!!

And here is a pic of my booooooobiezzzz to make it up for the long and boring post about my boring life lol…click on the picture to see it full size ;)…you don’t wanna miss out on the details lol.

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